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It means Beautiful. Pleasant. Mine. 
A fusion of historical and modern worlds, creating a line of jewelry with soul.

With Indian roots, Meera Ramesh was born and raised in Kenya. Much of her early life was spent between Kenya, India, and the United Kingdom, resulting in a wonderful blending of cultures and history.

Meera credits much of her style to the influence of her father, jewelry craftsman Ramesh Hemraj Shah, a successful, self-taught jeweler and designer. Surrounded by a range of beadsmen, designers, and other professionals, she recognized her own unique voice and, with that, the desire to design was born. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from the U.K., Meera attended the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad CA, receiving her Graduate Gemologist Diploma in 2003.

Establishing herself as a formidable jewelry designer in her own right, Meera formed this company after her daughter, Suhani Mara, was born in Japan.  Drawing on the qualities of her little girl – carefree, honest, bold, and confident – Meera’s designs have grown alongside her daughter.

Since then, the one-of-a-kind pieces coming out of her studio have been hand-crafted from Beads, Gemstones, and Silvers (both antique and modern). Rejecting the idea of mass-produced jewelry, Meera focuses on custom designs, ensuring each piece incorporates the exotic to express a unique story. Her ability to effortlessly fuse centuries-old beads and newly-cut gemstones in updated traditional designs has led to her extensive catalog and numerous commissions for custom work.


SuhaniMara Designs blends Meera’s passion for antique jewelry and exotic materials with her flair for modern design.

All pieces are created from a diverse collection of Antique Beads and Metals, Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstones, and a wide range of interesting materials that delight and inspire her.

The result: Truly unique wearable art designed specifically for your enjoyment.

No personal collection is complete without at least one of these gorgeous creations.

Be bold. Be proud. Feed your soul.

The beauty of SuhaniMara is now yours. The next step is easy.